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Saturday, October 24, 2009


 Kujumpa artikel ni dr blog kak fid...mmg kena sgt dgnku yg sdg mencari cari info ttg working moms back to works, utk mommies yg sdg berpantang yg dah nk start kije or bg semualah working moms yg bf anak die, boleh la baca info ni...ditulis oleh kak rita ayu MLO...thanx kak rita. honestly,you are my idola for my bfeeding journey!

By Rita Rahayu Omar

Nota:bukan saya tulis ya..saya copy saja-Fid

We all know that breast milk is the best food for babies, but for mothers who are
returning to work, continuing to provide breast milk for their babies can be quite a
challenge. However, with preparation, encouragement and the right “tools”,
breastfeeding can continue, without interruption, even after a nursing mother
returns to work. So, if you’re a working mom and reading this article, I trust that you
have made the decision to continue nursing when you return to work? I congratulate
I get a lot of enquiries from mothers (especially from first timers) about how to go
about it when they start work? Ladies, here are some things a nursing mother should
consider as she prepares to go back to work (I believe I have addressed most of the
important points). Please let us help you! Go through our checklist and find 10 ways
to ease your return to the workplace. May I also recommend that to check out this
article “Breastfeeding 411: Your need- to-know guide” (It has been a good reference
site for me while I was breastfeeding)
During your pregnancy (at least a few months before your due date)
1. Try to associate yourself with other nursing & working moms that you
know (if you don’t know any, you know us at! We’d be
glad to help you) -->sy byk kutip ilmu bf dr forum2x spt,, xclusivelyxpressing dan byk lagi...sumtimes dr blogger2x mommies yg bf ank die. sbb sy xde member yg tegar dgn bf nih...cume ade sorang member yg sy dah trained die utk bfeed. alhamdulillah, die kini dah mula bf anak die even ade skit22x campor dgn fm....ade gak drp xde kan..

2. Start reading up about breastfeeding & look around for a breast pump.
Choose a breast pump that’s right for you
Three to Four Weeks before work -->klu kat sini tulis 3-4 weeks b4 work, tp sy dah start beli breastpump(BP) lepas 2 mggu bersalin lg. sy beli pump spectra 3 dr kedai sarakids. sbb s3 ade double pamping utk memudahkan sy mengepam di tmpt kerja. cepat dan mudah. sy dpt info pasal BP pon dr forum2x jugak...

3. Start pumping. To build up on your milk stock (for “emergency” supply). I
would recommend that you express at least 3 to 4 oz a day and store in your
freezer (please label with date and time by using a masking tape).
IMPORTANT TIP: When you start work, I would advise you to give your
baby a balanced amount of freshly expressed refrigerated breastmilk (EBM)
and frozen EBM while you are at work ie. If you get 4 bottles a day at work,
store 2 in freezer and another 2 in the refrigerator. Studies show that a
certain portion of the antibodies in breast milk is lost in frozen EBM. Your
baby will best benefit from all the protective properties of your milk by doing
it this way. ---> yups, mase pantang haritu sy start buat stok EBM lepas 2 mggu bersalin. Pump sikit2x je dlm 3-4 oz...lama2 jadilah bukit. danbile dah naik kije, sy buat mcm kak rita ckp...separuh dr fresh EBM dan separuh lagi yg Stok beku punye sbb sy nak anak sy dpt khasiat dlm susu sy. mase pantang sy berjaya membuat 34 paket stok beku EBM antara 5-7 oz. Alhamdulillah rezki darwisya.

4. Arrange for a short visit to your workplace (if possible) or try to simulate
a typical working day at home by pumping when your baby is fed with
EBM. Remember to let someone else feed to baby and not you! Your baby can
tell.-->bile balik kije, biasenye sy direct bf my baby tp sumtimes stok EBM darwisya ade balance bile balik kije kul 5.30ptg, so utk xnak membazir, sy abiskan stok EBM beku yg dah dicairkan yg x abis tu, sy bagi darwisya minum. tp bukan sy yg bagi. Emak sy yg bagi.klu sy yg bagi, konpem die xnak..sesekali abah die yg bagi...sweet sgt bile tgok hubby pangku anak bg minum susu botol..hehehhe

5. Create a support system for your self by either hiring a maid or choosing a
baby sitter. Whoever they are, they should be trained on how to handle and
feed your EBM to your baby.-->anak sy, emak merangkap nenek darwisya yg jagakan bile sy gi kije. 2 hari b4 naik kije lagi sy dah trained mak sy bagaimana utk menyediakan, skang mak sy dah phm dan expert dah pon.heheh..thanx mak! cucu mak jugak kan!

6. Find a suitable place to pump at work. Ideally a pumping area should
have: privacy, a comfortable place to sit, an electrical outlet for your pump, a
wash basin for rinsing out your pump parts and washing your hands.
When you start work --->semua yg kak rita tulis diatas mmg ade utk ku di tmpt kije. tmpat yg very comfortable dan ade electrical yg lgkap. overall xde masalahlah nak mengepam di tmpt kije. utk meletakkan gadget pump yg dah dibasuh, sy letak dlm pouch bag yg ade net tuh...mmmg dpt sekali mase beli cooler bag aritu. so, xde masalah utk menyimpan gadjet. dan sy pastikan tgn dicuci bersih sebelum memulakan sesi mengepam. penting tu! sy kije misi jd kena cuci bersih2x maaa

7. Figure out what clothes to wear. The best would be patterned clothing
and dark colours. Silk is definitely a no, no for the first few weeks as it makes
leak stains more obvious.--->sy pakai uniform laaa..

8. How much EBM to leave behind for baby? One way of estimating how
much EBM to leave for your baby is by multiplying your baby’s weight (in
pounds) by either 2.5 or 3. Then divide by 8. The amount you get is
approximately what your baby needs per 3-hour feeding while you’re at work.--->

9. Set up a timetable/schedule to express your milk at work. The usual
frequency is 3 times a day, 15 to 30 minutes for each session. A typical
schedule is 10am, lunchtime (1pm) and tea (4pm). It is also best that you
discuss your plans with your boss. Your pumping schedule should ideally suit
your needs, as well as your employer.--->sy punye pump schedule lbh kurg mcm puan rita tuliskan tp sy selalu terskip pumping yg pkul 4-5 ptg tuh(3rd session).isk...kenapala malas sgt nak pump waktu tuh...bile balik, sy terus direct bf. sy mmg selalu minta izin ketua dulu bile nak pump. dan kije sy, klu free tuh,mmg xde masalahla nak ngepam tp time waktu ngepam dah sampai tp kije tgh byk, mmg xdpt nak wat ape laaa..terpaksa skip dan pam bile kije dah beres. masalah sy ni tmpat pumping dah ok , selesa, privacy dan lgkap smua tp masalahnye kdg2x jadual mengepam terlari sbb byk kije/kes. huhuhu

10. Learn how to maintain and optimize your milk supply.---> i'm always learn n learn so much.taht's important dan scara x langsung akan menaikkan semngat balik bile mood nak bf tu turun...hahhaha..bukan pe...sikap M nak mengepam yg melanda diri.. nope...i cannot be like that
sekian saje...

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